Black/White Graffiti Alma - Will I find one???

  1. I recently decided that I MUST have the black/white graffiti long alma in my collection. I've been checking ebay pretty frequently, but haven't seen any authentic ones. Do you think it'll be impossible to find an authentic one that's still in great shape? And how much should I expect to have to pay for this bag?

  2. Patience my friend ! :yes:

    Have you tried contacting let-trade concerning one ? He can find bags, even LE ones.
  3. I remember I saw one on ebay before, in great condition and the price is quite expensive. How much was it when it was on retail last time?
  4. ayla - No, I haven't tried contacting let-trade. I didn't know I could do that?? Thanks for the tip!!! I'll have to try that...have PFers done this successfully?

    I LOVE LV - I have no idea what the retail was...but I'm fairly certain I'll be putting down over $1k...ouch...
  5. Hmmm...does anyone have any thoughts on the small vs. the long graffiti alma? Since I haven't seen either IRL, it makes it hard for me to decide...

  6. hey you...

    check out the 'visual aids' thread in the LV subforum and if you have the patience to look through it - you'll probably find a pic or two. Or alternatively, just check out LV_Addict's Bag Showcase! :love:
  7. Thanks...I looked! there seem to be MM, PM, and GM sizes... And the graffiti speedies are gorgeous too! I think I'm adding one of those to my list too... :love:
  8. There is Alma PM, MM and long. I think you can find one in good condition priced under 1K.
    almas.jpg d3_12.jpg
  9. Thanks so much LV_addict - that was so helpful!!! Your pictures definitely clarified that it's the PM I want...yours is GORGEOUS!!! :love:

    And I'm really happy to hear that I should be able to find one under $1k. That's a threshold I can't seem to bring myself to break yet...but soon enough I'm sure! :graucho:

    Now I just have to wait for the PM to show up on ebay...*sigh*... :girlsigh:
  10. I think the big one that I saw was selling for $2200+. The smaller one should be around $899? Black is indeed harder to find than the peach. Good luck with your search..! It's a gorgeous bag, I LOVE it too!
  11. I feel your pain. I would die for either one of those bags. The long one is a total art piece, they both are, but... I don't know, the long one gets my goat... good luck, I've seen them on My Poupette... If I could I would... go for it, that's a totally hot hot bag...
  12. Wow...that goodness it's the PM that I'm in :heart: with then...that's such a huge difference in price!!! Thanks for the luck...can't wait to find one!!! :girlsigh:
  13. They're all gorgeous...I hope you can add a graffiti alma to your collection soon too Veronika! Good luck!!! :yes:

  14. Are there all your bags, Irene? All I can say is, WOW, impressive graffiti collection. I especially like your small peach alma on the right pic, too cute!
  15. I once had a black/white PM and sold it for $700 :smile: It was in mint condition as well. Hope this helps.