Black/white Damask work on Overstock for $899!

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  1. Nicole Richie has the courier in this pattern. According to atelier.naff, the fabric is gorgeous IRL. There's only one left!

    I know there have been some authenticity issues with Overstock in the past, but I ordered a marron Day from then in March, and it was authentic.

    There are coupon links for an additional 8-10% off floating around, plus you can get 4% back through luckymagrewards or ***********. Happy shopping!!
  2. You have to tell Zacorey!!!!
    She's going to be crazy
  3. Ahh I am soooooo jealous! I have been trying to find one of those bags; any style! CONGRATS!!! :smile:
  4. I used to have the City, but I ended up selling it because I was so afraid to get it dirty :tdown:(sick, huh?). The Damask material is beautiful, but delicate ... so it's not really the type of bag one would want to have in a climate which is changeable (or RAINY!).
  5. Wow... I never seen this bag before. WOW
  6. it is a great bag - i have it in the city - i'm actually carrying it today!!
  7. Shoot! It was gone when I clicked the link. Hope a Pf'er got it.
  8. Thanks for thinking of me badbanana!!!:heart: I missed it but I want the courier anyways!!!!
  9. I'll post pics when I get mine. :yes: I've never seen one IRL, so I can't wait to check it out!
  10. CONGRATS! I've seen it in person and the fabric is gorgeous because of the print (really hard to see it in pics). Ceejay is right, the Damask is really delicate (and lightweight!) and surely it won't be very forgiving when it comes to stains and wear.

    The one that they have on Overstock was the Work size and it seemed authentic just based on the photos...$899 seems like a really low price/good deal so I'm glad you were able to nab it.
  11. If I wouldn't get it dirty, I would totally but that! I am not good with white. :Push:
  12. Hope you'll find your dream bag Zac:heart:
  13. ^^^Thank you!!!!:heart::heart::heart: That is one of my most wanted bags!!!!!
  14. I bought it! Now I am afraid I am going to have to sell one of my other babies to cover it:sad: Maybe the truffle work cause I am more of a statement bag girl. I will see how I feel about the damask when I get it....
  15. That’s it! I am staying up until 4am every night now to check these sites. That is when all the good deals happen like this or on bluefly.

    A damask striped city sold on eBay recently for over $1700, so you guys got a GREAT deal. Hgbags sold on recently on eBay too for $1300ish and someone snapped it up with the BIN instantly. Of course I was sleeping. No more sleeping for me!!!

    Can’t wait to see your pics!