Black & white city, in Barneys online mailer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  1. Wouldn't be my first choice, because of the white color being so vulnerable to showing the dirt in the most dirt-prone places...(corners, handles).


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  2. its cute!
  3. I like it with the hardware
  4. Those are Balenciaga's cruise collection.:yes: I posted a thread in the shopping section yesterday. These bags are suede with leather trimming and pewter hardware. They are also available at BalNY now. I saw them at the trunk show and some were really nice.
  5. I saw this one, as well as the navy black (I think) combo, today at NM. I didn't care for them.
  6. Awwww, it is sooo cute! I really like this combo!
  7. I do love black and white, but I think I will stick to the basics in Bal! These are not for me, but I know they will look great on someone!
  8. really cute.
  9. Thanks for posting the pic for us. It is cute but like you mentioned- wouldn't be my first choice colorwise.
  10. When I heard about the two tone with suede I was a little unsure but it looks very good.
  11. Did anyone go thru the entire catalog? Half the links don't work or say "sorry we are restocking our inventory" :rolleyes:
  12. I love the black and white!!!! So chic!
  13. This is really cool -- I don't think I'd buy it because I can't keep anything white clean (not even a shirt!), but I like the two-tone look. I'd be interested in seeing the navy/black IRL but I think I'd be more interested in a navy/brown.
  14. very cute