Black Watersnake Altadamas - opinions?

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  1. Okay so I was following up on a lead from the lovely lorrmich on bob ellis shoes, when lo and behold the homepage loaded to display the following pics. When I saw them I was like :wtf: then :drool:. What do you guys think? Anyone actually have these or have tried them on? the double platform kind of makes me nervous...


  2. LOVE them! The DH is getting me these for Christmas... he doesn't know the yet :P
  3. LOVE!!!!

    I tried these on though and they're very high, but relatively comfortable for such a high heel.
  4. I tried the eel ones on and they were super comfy. I had to go up a half size from my VP size.
  5. I really should be hooooolding you, hooooooooooolding you, looooving you, looooooooooovvvvvviiiiiing yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  6. Good to know! Anyone know where I can get these in Vegas?
  7. LOL...:roflmfao: i think they're having the same effect on everyone.....:sweatdrop:
  8. Those are MAJOR!
  9. :biggrin:

    But it's all good until the pair you want is gone...then, it's:

    TRAGEDY! When the feeling's gone and you can't go on it's tragedy! When the morning cries and you don't know why, it's hard to bear! With no (SHOES) to love you, you're going nowhere...
  10. Aww every time I hear that song I think of the STEPS dance routine...sorry for straying off topic.
  11. I love them and I loved this pic when I saw it a while back. Great ad! I love how she is looking at them.
  12. i saw these in person and they are gorgeous!
  13. Love them.

  14. I checked out the CL boutique, Saks, Barneys, NM, and some store in the Wynn- no one had these or I would have so tried them on. Maybe one of the stores will get them in by the time you are there...
  15. Love, love, LOVE them!!