Black w/black Cambon large tote

  1. I don't have a Chanel retailer near me. Have you seen these bags in your Chanel retailers? Where should I call?

  2. Chanel Boutique in Chicago had one last week

    1-312-787-5500 ask for Pamela :yes:
  3. Oh and try Nordstroms Mall of America, I think ChanelBoy posted they had some not long ago ...
  4. Chanel boutique in Vancouver, Canada have one
  5. How much is this bag now? Anyone know?

    And this has a zippered top correct?
  6. chanel in holt renfrew, toronto had one today. Black with black patent tote.
  7. In the U.S., current retail is $1595. Yes, it has a zippered top.