Black vs. Purple Pandora Medium

  1. After many months of contemplating, I have decided to invest in a Givenchy Pandora Bag in Medium.

    The only problem is that I cannot decide between the black calf and the purple calf.

    My clothes of all colours, and I personally have no problem mixing different colour clothes and bags please help me make my decision!

    Black or purple?!

    Thank you!
  2. Purple all the way! Is it dark purple?
  3. Yup! Dark purple :p
  4. I own a dark purple medium pandora, probably the exact same one you're thinking of getting, so I'd have to say, PURPLE!

    Goes very well with jeans, and honestly you can buy black anytime... :smile:
  5. purple
  6. I'd vote for the dark purple. With gold hardware right?
  7. I love your username!

    I also think purple - I have a dark purple bag and it surprisingly goes with EVERYTHING i wear, and it adds so much more to your outfit than black!
  8. purple!!!
  9. I'm a huge black bag lover but for Pandas, my vote is purple!!
  10. i'm going to go out on a limb and say BLACK! :biggrin: i think the pandora is going to be a bag ur going to want to use everyday, and as much as i love my coloured bags, they just dont quite 'make' my outfit like a black bag can, kwim?
  11. I vote black also
  12. Did you ever decide on which to get?

    If not, then let me chime in :biggrin: - you can always buy a black bag The panda is such a subtle yet distinct bag and looks fantastic in pretty colors.
  13. purple!
  14. hubby's Christmas gift for me last year was a black medium pepe pandora...after using it (and lovin' it) for quite sometime, i told myself that i'd be getting a second pandora. and the second color i'd like to have is's perfect for travelling..the long strap comes in handy...and it's just the right size...if you want something that goes with any outfit, then go for black. hope this helps!
  15. :woot::woot::woot: droolworthy! i'm looking for the exact one but in the large :biggrin: