Black vs Plomb FIRST

  1. Hi,

    I am thinking about getting first in black or plomb, but can't decide.
    I see they are pretty much the same, but I haven't seen plomb irl. What do you guys think it's better in FIRST style? :confused1:
  2. I've just bought a plomb/steel day, and i think it is fab! slight blue undertones, so great with jeans! plus its is just for this season where as black is out every year! Plomb all the way!
  3. I would go for plomb, too :yes:
  4. I really want the plomb. plomb gets my vote.
  5. Plomb is a little more interesting, but every girl needs a good black bag.
  6. Plomb! It's a great alternative to Black and is only available for this season and you can get a Black bag anytime. :jammin:
  7. Plomb Plomb.:woohoo: I am getting my third Plomb on Sat and i love this color. :yahoo:You can always find a Black First.:yes:
  8. Thank you guys~ :yahoo: looks like there are a lot of Plomb lovers. I should call them up tomorrow for Plomb first :woohoo:
  9. Another vote for PLOMB.. Hot color!
  10. Plomb vote here! :yes: