black vs. lilac work, which would you choose?

  1. i guess i should start out by asking, is 3 black b-bags too many (?)...i really :heart: the lilac work, but i'm worried about wearability (especially in the winter months)...hmmmmmmmmmm :hrmm:
  2. personally, for me 3 black bbags is too many, unless you just love black. i prefer the colored bbags, since you can get black in any other designer bag. i think lilac could work well for winter as well.
  3. awe, you're so sweet esile, thanks so much :flowers: ...that's kinda what i was thinking too...i mean, i :heart: black bags & wear alot of black clothes (living in nyc)...but i just don't think the bigger b-bags look as pretty in black (asides from the black city, which i adore :love:)...i've gotta black twiggy & a black city & i'm afraid a 3rd black bag would be too much...and i think the '06 lilac work is sooooooooooooooo pretty...guess i just can't imagine wearing it in the winter with my northface puffer jackets & ugg boots (lol!!!) :amuse:
  4. I don't know about a lilac work. What about another darker color other than black? Then you can use it year round. I was going to take out my black city today, but I saw it was raining and quickly put it back in the box.
  5. welp, i guess i've already got all the other dark colors that i like :shame: ...and since i don't like the new fall leather, i've gotta stick to the spring/summer '06 collection...and there's not a whole lotta choice out there now :sad:
  6. do you have anything in rouille yet? i can't remember. I just saw a girl carrying a gorgeous looking rouille work.
  7. aaa, i think lilac would work nice with browns, tans, greys, and blacks for the winter. lilac has a bit of grey in it, so it should go well with neutral colors. and well the work size is just perfect!
  8. If you really want lilac go for it!
  9. I also have two black bags--purse and hobo--and definitely think a color would be great. I love lilac--I'd get one myself but I think I may be too old to pull it off...(I am sure I am much older than you!) :sad:
  10. addictedtopurses - yeppers, i've got the rouille in a first & i :heart: it!!!

    esile - you make a really good point girl, thank you so much :smile: ...maybe i'm really over-thinking this whole "summer vs. winter" thing...the lilac just looked prettier on me in the store...i think it has to do with me being so petite & the lighter color in a bigger bag just suits me SA told me she didn't like the color at 1st, but once i put it on, she thought it looked pretty on tiny me :shame:

    elongreach - thanks so much for your help girl!!! need to take that black city out in the rain, i promise it will be okay :yes:

    macp6 - you're never too old to wear any color!!!...being young at :heart: is all a state of mind ;)...maybe you should get a lilac too!!!
  11. It's pouring down and I haven't sprayed it with anything, so I'm going to pass for today. Maybe next time.
  12. I vote for lilac too! I love that color- it's very pretty! I'm sure it looks great on you!
  13. awe, thanks so much zacorey, i really appreciate your vote!!!
  14. Definitely--get the lilac and send pictures. Can't wait to see it on you!!
  15. awe, thank you macp6 for helping w/my decision looks like the lilac is definitely in the lead...all of you are sweet beyond words :angel:

    p.s. also, i was just thinking, i'll probably be movin' to SF someday & miss lilac might like cali better!!!