Black vs. Ink

  1. Ok ladies which do you prefer ink or black? I have to decide by tomorrow b/c my husband's bringing it back from Paris and I can't! For an everyday bag? Any input would be so helpful!:yes:
  2. I would go with Ink because Black you can get any season. Ink and black are very similar. They both can go with everything! Ink is so much more pretty than black though. IMO.
  3. hey ya, lacibraz
    i've got a black city and i totally love it! but i'm really loving the ink too.... actually i cant make up my mind... umm, im no good at decide b-bag colours... i'll some other PF members help you out!!! SORRY!
  4. I looked at the Ink and the Black when I was making a decision to purchase. I ended up opting for the Ink because it was a much more interesting bag. Black bags are always available, but the Inks are something special.
  5. I say can always get black......
  6. ink is an incredibly interesting color... i think maybe you should get it before it is G-O-N-E...

    but get a black eventually.
  7. Yea I actually was so hesitant in getting Ink but I loved it as soon as I saw it. It is so more interesting than black. Get black later :smile:
  8. Black works best for me...
  9. I've stared at pictures of the 2 for at least 3 hours now. . . my vision is blurred and I still have no clue!
  10. Hi, lacibraz!
    I agree with everyone. Go for the ink and get black another time. I have both, and I bought the ink first. I'm so glad I did because the ink is truly a special color. It can go from blue/purple in the day to a soft black at, it is neutral enough to wear everyday.
    What style were you thinking of?? Mine are both cities, and here's a couple of pics for comparison's sake (1st is the ink, and the 2nd pic is black)...
    Good luck, and let us know what you decide! :smile:
    Balenciaga Ink2.JPG 100_1318_2.JPG
  11. I love black bbags, but if they're both the '06 season bags - go for ink.

  12. same here laci my eyes are so tired LOL im not fond of purple thats whats stopping me i want it to be more blue than purple but most of the pics i been looking at here shows the bag as purple ... ink owners need your opinions :smile:
  13. that's exactly my problem!! Not a purple fan but I'd love it if it would be more navy/black. I probably should've mentioned that I have a 2003 black first and a teal first. I need a bigger bag to lug everyday though so this one has to go with everything. AHHH! My head hurts.
  14. i originally wanted ink and then didn't because of the purple but when shirise had their sale, i went for one and picked out the leasa purple one and it really doesn't seem purpley to me now that i have been using it. i like the color!
  15. Black - but pre 2006 or wait for the 2007 leather. If you're only going to have 1 bbag get the black. I only have 1 bbag and I'm completely content. I got another for my birthday, but sold it. If you like all types of bags and are looking to add just one bbag to your assorted collection I'd go with black. I have a 2005 black city and I adore it. It goes with any outfit and the color is so versatile. I think the ink looks too purple-ish - too funky for me to wear day-to-day.