black vs. chocolate muse?


Nov 30, 2006
i asked earlier about black vs. patent leather black. now i'm wondering about black vs. chocolate in xl. saks has both, but the black is only available by end of december. i've been carrying a lv speedy for years, so i am not used to a black bag. i just want whichever looks more chic.
Oct 12, 2006
I really think both black and chocolate are equally chic and it's a matter of which works best with your wardrobe and taste. I have the chocolate and sooo love it. This season I have started wearing a lot of brown and have moved from black to brown in many of my accessories and clothes. SO, for me chocolate was the way to go. The color is very rich and beautiful, IMHO.

However, you can't go wrong with a black bag, especially if you wear a lot of black.

So, really, both are wonderful ... it just depends on which color you like best.

I am really enjoying my Muse. I really, really love it!!!