Black vs. brown/which is more versatile?

  1. I tend to wear lots of black. I want a very classic bag and finally tracked down my dream bag but it's brown not black like I initially wanted. I may never be able to find the black in the style I want , so would the brown be ok with my wardrobe? It's chocolate brown with gold hardware, a Lanvin.

    Thanks for thoughts!
  2. Black goes with everything and is very forgiving.
  3. Yes. Chocolate Brown looks great with Black outfits. I was leaning toward Chocolate Brown Muse (over Black) as well.
  4. I would think choc brown looks great w/gold hardware and seems less formal to me. I sooo want black but I don't think it's going to happen.

    Choc Brown Muse = yum!
  5. I'm a HUGE chocolate brown fan myself. No matter how hard I try to love black, I always find myself gravitating toward browns. I definitely think brown goes well with black. And brown with gold hardware is a wonderful combination.

    I'm going to second the chocolate brown Muse "yum" comment! The chocolate brown Muse is delicious!
  6. Sorry for getting off-topic. I just cannot decide on Muse, White is my 1st choice but it's hard to maintain. Not only would I be concerned about getting it dirty, would it turn yellow over time? When I saw Black and Chocolate Brown Muse in person as well, Chocolate Brown looked better to me. I have to pick between White and Chocolate Brown now...

    Twinklette, I wear a lot of blacks too.
  7. brown definitely is my vote! I wouldn't take the chance with white.
  8. same here, i like brown more than black ^^;

    i think black goes well with almost every color, so go get the bag~ :lol: !!
  9. Yay girls! Thanks for helping me out. I can't wait and will post pics when I get her.
  10. My vote would be for the Chocolate Brown. Not only will it be easier to maintain, you will be able to use it year-round. I'm not a stickler for the "no white after Labor Day" rule, but I think the shade of white really determines whether a bag will be functional 365 days of the year. I'm not so sure I would use the White Muse in the winter time.

    Twinklette, I look forward to seeing your pictures.
  11. While black is the most neutral color and we probably all wear more black clothes, I think of black for fall/winter and wouldn't want to carry it in spring/summer but brown seems to me to be an all year color.
  12. I like brown better than either black or white -- I think dark brown goes w/ black, white, anything:smile:
  13. Twinklette is getting the brown right? =) YAY!
    Now that I think about it, I don't have any bags/shoes in Brown.
    I am leaning toward Chocolate Brown Muse (or Tan even), but I am back to Square 1 whenever White is in front of me. Read on TFS that Muse will be available in Distressed Patent White soon, maybe Chocolate Brown will be it for me now. =)
  14. Between the black and the brown, I would go for the brown.
  15. :amuse: my scentiments exactly!