Black Violet phoebe.

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  1. Hi everyone I want to get BV Phoebe and Gray quartz anyone know which outlets has some should I just call some outlets to see? Thanks everyone .
  2. My outlet in Troutdale Oregon had both colors when I was in there today.
  3. You posted previously that your store had BV Phoebe and also you've done a charge send before.

    Maybe start with your store and ask if they have any left. If they don't, ask them nicely if they can tell you where one is. Or, you can call around and locate one. When you do locate one, if it's not near you, you'll of course have to do a charge send like you've done before. HTH and happy hunting!
  4. Thank you I hope my store will do a charge send if don't have any as I had a problem last time and they said it was a lot of work so im not so sure they wanted to do it.I ordered a bag and 2wks later didn't have it so I called store they said never got the charge send so they had to do again . it was a month before I got bag Im going to call and see what they say .thank you.
  5. Vegas outlets had scarlet, orange spice black violet and grey quartz Phoebes last weekend but bags move fast there so unknown if they still have them.
  6. Thank you my outlet is holding until Friday BV but she only had small grey Quartz I am assuming it came both sizes she gave me code as SV/BTW 24621 she told me couldn't find it so I will call other outlets tomorrow.
  7. I was surprised my outlet had BV phoebe as had them a week .