Black Vintage Flap Color Issue

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  1. Hi vintage bag owners,

    I need your opinion about possible color issues with a vintage bag.

    I received a black vintage lambskin mini flap from 1997 and the color looks a little bronzish/brown in some parts under direct sunlight. It is fine, and clearly a black flap and only shows under direct sunlight. Specifically the sides, and the back pocket look a little brownish, bronzish in sunlight. Condition-wise, the bag is mint, with plump and soft like-new quilting. It appears unused with no scratches or wear on corners. It was authenticated before purchase.

    I applied apple conditioner (not cleaner) on it, and noticed that brownish(not black) residue on the cloth applicator but the leather acquired a very pretty sheen and looks every better. After a week, yesterday I tried the apple conditioner again. Found the same brown/bronze residue (not black) on the cloth applicator. This morning the bag looks darker where it used to be bronze/brown.

    Question: Is this color fade? I don't think the bag has been redyed. Or is the brown/bronze tint some sort of dirt or color transfer from somewhere? It's strange that the cloth applicator shows brown/bronze residue and not black, when I applied the apple conditioner. Should I continue to use the apple conditioner to take off the bronze/brown tints?

    Would greatly appreciate your advice and thoughts on this. Thank you!
  2. I think the browning is not unusual. I have seen it start on classic flaps that have been sitting around (probably not an issue today with the mad rush for flaps) in storerooms for a long (apparently VERY long) time even... I don't know what to do about it. Maybe redye at Chanel? But it sounds like what you are doing is working... have a photo to share?
  3. I too have a black lambskin vintage mini flap... and it's also in mint condition.
    The edges (such as the corners of the back pocket and around the bottom of the bag) are a little bit lighter compare to the rest of the bag which is pure black. I also applied a conditioner (miracle shield from LMB) and the cloth shows some brownish/greyish residue after the application. I guess maybe the dye comes off a little bit since it's vintage? But the corners did not get any lighter/darker after the application.

    I guess you should maybe wait for a while to see how the bag turns out... you don't wanna apply too much conditioner and later find it does something to the leather. I've only applied twice so far, and it's been around 2 months, so far so good. HTH!!
  4. I think that this kind of thing happens over time with these bags if they are not conditioned on a regular basis over the years. In those cases, I have noticed that some even can get an almost chalk-y feel to them too where the leather seems to be a bit on the dry side. When the leather dries out a bit, then it's not as supple as it once was and takes on that chalk-like feel.
  5. ITA with Cyndee. Also, the color residue on cloth after applying leather conditioner (I also have Apple) is normal, for Chanel lambskin in strongly pigmented colors such as black, red, etc. Not only on vintage.
  6. Thanks! The leather is still plump, soft and supple - somewhat like my 2009 M/L black lambskin flap except that the vintage leather feels thicker and the bag is more structured. Which is why I am surprised to see the browning. It's probably true that the bag was not conditioned much over the years. The owner said she wore it three times in 13 years. It also didn't have a dustbag and was stored inside its box all this while. I am surprised that the condition is still this good. Maybe it speaks to Chanel's quality - at least with its older bags.
  7. Thanks! Is yours a black lambskin? What colors did you see in the residue after applying the apple conditioner? I was expecting black and was thrown off by the brown/bronze. I have used apple conditioner on my bal bags and I've never had any residue on the cloth.
  8. How do you like your mini-flap? I am loving mine. It's really functional and looks fantastic. Ha, good reminder! I was getting paranoid and kept wanting to put more conditioner. I looked at the bag again this afternoon and the browns are darker and less visible. I hope I am really just taking off dirt/dye without affecting the black. Will wait a few weeks before doing anything.

    I have used LMB's for handles and new shine restore but not the miracle shield. Is it some form of waterproofing?
  9. Phew. Good to know that it's not unusual. Will get daytime and under the sunlight pixs and post them. I thought of redying but the bag is still black. It's only when you pay close attention in the sunlight that you see hints of bronze. The small areas are not visible when the bag is worn because they are in the sides, and back pocket.