BLACK versus WHITE jumbo

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  1. I just bought a White, Caviar Jumbo this past November, and can't decide whether I have a hidden desire for the black!

    The SA at Nords said that the white is a very casual, everyday bag, and that the black is very classy and elegant. My logic at the time was that since I'm a darker skin tone, the white looks better on me =). I want something perfect for day and night. Maybe I need someone to tell me its okay that white is cool for both or that black is really the way to go!

    What a dilemma.

    But please no suggestions that I buy the black one too! I would love to, but I like to entertain one lover at a time :heart::heart::heart:
  2. I don't agree with your SA at all... the inherent shape and structure of the jumbo, not the color, makes it an elegant bag, not a casual bag -- although it does look FABULOUS with casual outfits. When I think of a "casual" bag that is inherently "casual," I think of a more unstructured shape than the jumbo.

    Additionally, I don't think the white is any more or less "classy" than the black.

    My decision would be based on where I live and what the climate is like. I live in Chicago, where it snows 5 months out of the year... people here also tend to follow "the rules" (i.e. no white after labor day). In Chicago, I think the white bag would sit in my closet about half the year. So I'd go for black.
  3. I personally think it is a totally different look. IMHO, the are equally as great and I don't think either is really more/less classy than the other.
  4. That makes sense.

    I live in Los Angeles and I didn't even take into consideration the rules, which is probably a reflection of the fact that I live in L.A. Either that, or I'm unaware. But, let's say I'm at a nice dinner party, I picture the white being a little off.
  5. If this would be your only Chanel then go for black with ghw. But if this is one among many or if you already have a black in medium or reissue then stay with white. I agree about where you live, I live in NY and black is more of use for me.
  6. Hey LVilla, I am a native Californian. ;) I don't think you can go wrong with the white... I think it might look a little more dinner-party-esque if it were a medium size, instead of the jumbo? Evening bags being smaller and all... Would white compliment your wardrobe? If so, go for it.
  7. How incredibly frustrating.
  8. Too bad you can't just get both, right? Life would be too easy. If I were to only have one, I'd go for the black. Black is just easier to maintain.
  9. get the black!
  10. Yeah, that's a good point!
  11. i wud so go black!! but if u were going for an ivory or beige, i prefer that colour, but honestly black as i think itll suit u
  12. I guess it's always the same, when we get one color, we'll think of other colors as well. I guess it happens to everyone here ? hehe. At least for me! I intended to get a grey , but end up getting white first, followed by grey, then black! LOL

    I think your white jumbo is pretty! You can always get the black some time down the road when u're ready to get another one again!! :yes:
  13. oh Kuromi, I love your answer the most. I've been trying to sell my white one on craigslist because I feel like I'm dying for the black one instead, and although I'm still indifferent about the whole ordeal, I took my white one out of the box so that I could pet it.

  14. Exactly - thats why we end up saying...get both (oops). hehehe.

    I would keep your white and in time get a black...unless you feel you must have a black now, I know that feeling as well.

    Good Luck deciding.:tup:
  15. Let's face it, once we get what we want, it's time to want what's next, haha!

    I happen to have a black reissue (metallic w/ black hardware) and while it is black, I wanted something that wasn't quite what you would expect with a classic Chanel bag, so I went with the black hardware. I felt that, even though gold hardware is beautiful, it was expected & I wanted something your white reissue, make it your own & carry it even in those situations that call for a small black evening bag.

    I find that white reissue beautiful & unexpected, both those adjectives are exactly what I want my bag to say about me. If you are in love with the white reissue, than wear it proudly and cultivate your own rules!