Black Version of "Jessica Alba" Bag

  1. Hi Ladies!!

    Introducing my newest addition - the soft and chain (small?) flap!! It was $1850 at Neiman Marcus. Item 07P A34577Y02419.

    My collection is very small so I wanted a basic color like black. I like the slouchier bags, and this one is 1) a flap and 2) less than $2000!! I absolutely love her!! :yahoo:I thought that the lambskin might be too delicate, but I haven't babied her too much and she looks pretty good!! Although, she does get pretty heavy when I throw everything in!

    I tried to get pics from different views. I believe this is the smaller version b/c others have said there were 2 sizes.
    IMG_0919.JPG IMG_0925.JPG IMG_0929.JPG
  2. LOVE It!!! Do they have anymore? Congrats and thanks for posting!!!
  3. Yep, that's the small version. Love it, looks great on you! Congrats!
  5. Such a lovely bag!! Congrats!! And I think that's such a good price for a Chanel!
  6. Nice! Is this a new model? I haven't seen this bag. it looks great on you. and its lambskin too. very pretty. congrats.
  7. When I had gotten it, my SA said there were a couple more (at the Houston NM); however, that was awhile ago. Her name is Annie in handbags 713.621.7100. You can tell her Samantha sent you. Hope she can help you!
  8. i tried on the same exact one @ NM in palo alto the other day.. the SA said it was the last one & it was actually put on hold for someone but no one picked it up? (if anyone is interested..?)

    it's so cute irl.! you make me wish i bought it, lol. congrats!!:heart:
  9. The Soft & Chain flap is as beautiful in black as it is in blue. It looks so sharp, and it is a great price point by Chanel standards. It looks terrific on you!
  10. I love it.. especially the chain. Congratulations :heart:
  11. Thanks for the info! I'll call tomorrow!!!
    Saks also had this bag. Would anybody know if all the stores have the same item numbers? I have an EGC card I could put toward it. Thanks!!!
  12. I really love it! and it looks so good on you! congrats!
  13. this bag has the perfect slouch, looks great on you!! :smile:
  14. This is beautiful in the flap/black version! I have the hobo and agree the leather is so much sturdier than it looks. This bag doesn't need a lot of tlc.
  15. [​IMG]



    Fabulous bag, i love it even the blue color too.:tup:

    Congrats, u look great on her, the small size suits u. If i have one, will usually prefer the large size;)