Black Vernis

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  1. Hi, when was black vernis released. My neighbor has a bag and it is beautiful ! I feel uncomfortable asking as I don't know her well enough.
  2. They actually never made black vernis. The only bag that used it was the Fleurs Lexington from a couple years ago.
  3. It looked like this..other than that, black vernis was never made. The next closest thing was the monogram mat, which is more muted and much less shiny than vernis.
  4. maybe it's from the monogram mat collection..

  5. ^^^or there was a black patent leather damier.
  6. Golly, tink, why on earth didn't they make that Damier Vernis permanent? It's SO GORGEOUS.
  7. There's one on Let-Trade and I love it!! :drool:
  8. That IS a gorgeous bag. And CHEAP for being new!
  9. how cute!
  10. It could be the monogram mat. I love that line. I wish I was into LV before.
  11. how much does this go for on eBay???
  12. I have one which is an evening bag...and is black patent vernis....but I don't know the style or much about it, though...
    bags 009.jpg
  13. That one's about $770 right now, I think. That's how much it was as of yesterday anyway.
  14. The bag my neighbor has looks like the Houston style and definitely not black in mat as it is shiny, like vernis. Do you think it is fake? I really like the black vernis and wonder if there were other styles.
  15. Gorgeous Lexington!
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