black vernis...

  1. I was thinking that black vernis accessories would be gorgeous and would go with so much. Wish that they would come out with some black vernis....
  2. The closest one to black Vernis is Monogram Mat.
  3. I agree :love:

    Have you checked out the LE Damier Ange (there are currently a few items on Ebay), it gives you kinda an idea how yummy black Vernis would look :drool:
  4. I would love it if the vernis came in black........
    it would definitely mean another cles......
  5. Kittie,
    thanks I will check it would just be stunning with the shine of black patent and it would go with everything..

    Darien I am not a fan of mat mono...vernis just shines
  6. ITA!
  7. So true!
  8. I thought LVstaff said black vernis will be out in 2007.....

  9. Actually, I was the one who said that;) . That's what my SA told me and LVstaff was surprised when I said that. So :shrugs: .

  10. Oh ok..thanks..I should ask my SA..she saw the pics for new red while she was in Paris but I forgot to ask about black :rolleyes:
  11. black vernis would be soooooo hot...don't you agree... I have black patent boots and together it would be wow!!!!
  12. Ooh, black vernis... :graucho:
  13. Wasn't there a limited edition black vernis fleurs collection? I could've swore there were some special pieces in the black vernis some years back.