Black Vernis...Was there ever such a thing??

  1. I was walking around the downtown area of the city I go to school in a few days ago and I spotted a lady carring a Louis Vuitton bag. I walked a little bit faster I so could get a good look at it, and it looked like a Vernis Houston. The thing that I'm wondering about though is that it was black.

    ...Not the indigo color, but BLACK. The sun was shining and you could clearly see that this thing was pitch black. It looked very nice and very chic with the outfit that she was wearing...I just never knew of LV to make a black Vernis.

    Am I going crazy or could it be that I saw a very nice fake?
  2. you might be talking about the mat vernis. my friend has a tote (zippered) that is a matte black-gray color.
  3. There was a black damier venis but only in a couple of styles or as makeupmama said black mat vernis but that only has a slight sheen to it not super shiney like regualr vernis
  4. Nah, it definitely wasn't the Mat vernis...This thing was shining like crazy
  5. I dont think louis vuitton did ever make the vernis in black.
  6. Only black Vernis is in the Damier pattern and not the Monogram logo.
  7. It may have been a special order. I think an SO Black Vernis Houston would be fabulous!! so I wouldn't be surprised if someone else had the same idea. Did it look real?
  8. It couldn't be SO - LV wouldn't do it.
  9. Really? why not?
  10. The first thing I thought of is the Monogram Glace? I am in love with that line. Too bad they discontinue it.

  11. LV only used black vernis for one bag - the fleur Lexington. Since black vernis was not part of a regular LV line, it cannot be SO'd.
  12. Yes...LV never made a full black vernis bag and you can't SO vernis with the exeption of that bucket bag that a few TPFers have.
    And even if you could, LV wouldn't make it because black was not a color they ever made and wouldn't just create a color for SO only.
    And like others hae said the Fleurs Lexington was the absolute only black vernis piece made.

    There IS the possibility though that the bag you saw was monogram mat.
  13. nope no black shiny vernis un less it was this headphone bag:drool:
  14. nope!
    but the mat noir was a gorgeous little looker from a few years back. similar to vernis!