black vernis ever?

  1. was there ever an embossed black vernis with a black strap?

    I heard there was one with white fleurs but what about with out.

    I want to say it is lexington style but cannot find info on it. any would help
  2. I believe there was a Black Vernis Lexington Fleurs, as well as the Damier Vernis bags and monogram mat bags.
  3. Hmmm....curious about this, too. Don't know about the embossed black vernis or the one with the white fleurs. That was before LVO ---LV obsession --- took effect. LOL

    I'm sure there are other PFers that have these answers! Good question!!
  4. The Vernis line was a creation of Marc Jacobs, who didn't come to the reigns until about 2000, I think.
  5. Black damier vernis, and the one with flowers only :smile:

    BTW MJ started in 2007
  6. think mark j came in 1998 with the vernis fleurs line. black strap is key to authenification

  7. Vernis line was introduced in 1998 in babyblue, Beige and LE orange

    Vernis fleur line was introduced in 2000 pink and blue

    and the Flower lexington one in 2002 I think
  8. Great info here -- thanks!
  9. That sounds right!
  10. it could be a "swap meet louie" because it has a black strap and no d ring. I have zero clue how to post pics ! any idea?
  11. Yeah MJ came awhile ago..for one, he collaborated with Murakami to create those lines (which includes MC which was made in 04), so that was a few years ago.
    I'll check out my LV book to find out the exact date he entered LV's world.

    Anyway as for black vernis, this is the absolute only vernis piece (with the monogram print) they made (this is the black Fleurs Lexington)...
  12. Copy the picture url, click on the mountain icon with yellow background, and paste the url.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. picture does the sheen no justice . I think the strap was a dead giveaway!