Black venetia without white stitching?

  1. I don't like the white stitching on the black venetia, does it come without the stitching?
  2. The new season black, with gold hardware, has purplish grey topstiching, so it blends it a bit better with the black. I really like this combination.
  3. ^ Yup, Thithi's right about Fall 06's Black. Spring 06's Black styles had contrast stitching and gold hardware. Resort 05's Black styles had contrast stitching and silver hardware.
  4. Would you by any chance consider a black Quilted Venetia as well?
    I saw an Icy Leather version (with antiqued hardware, suede lining) at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island last week. Since this version's from Fall 2005, most stores don't have them anymore. Recent black Quilted Venetias have shiny gold hardware and canvas lining.
  5. I saw a black quilted venetia with black stitching at the norstroms in CT once.
  6. My NM has a black quilted venetia with Gold Hardware.
  7. Yes, Resort 2006's Black Soft Calf styles have black stitching, brown suede lining, and gold hardware. You can get this Black Venetia from any store that carries Marc Jacobs, I saw it at Saks South Coast Plaza tonight. The style number is C363004, the price is $1025USD.

    You can also try Nordstrom SCP, their number is 714.957.3604; ask for Marty in Handbags. =)
  8. The Saks in Birmingham, AL has Venetia in black with black stitching.