black venetia with gold hardware

  1. can anyone tell me what season this bag is from? i am trying to get it directly from the mj boutiques, but the sales associate seems to be confused. i called the soho store, and he told me that this style was very old, yet they had the black venetias with silver hardware? :confused1:

    i know it was part of the anniversary sale, but when i contacted Nordstrom, they said they were all sold out.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. tia!
  2. Gold hardware on Venetias started in Fall 06, and would also include Resort 06, Spring 07, and Fall 07 black venetias... They should have plenty! Try another store....
  3. thanks, thithi. i knew the sa had to be wrong considering that he wasn't making any sense. i didn't understand how the nickel hardware black venetias would be in abundance when the gold hardware has been the norm for the past few seasons now.

    i went to Saks today and they only had the multipocket and blake styles in the color i wanted. i'll follow your advice and call another store. hopefully, i can get one soon!