black Venetia/Sophia -- good prices

  1. I dont think we are allowed to post auctions anymore!
  2. wow, those are really good prices
  3. We do not permit people posting their own auctions anymore.
    There's no need to post any auctions really unless there a fabulous deal or a hard to find item.
    Is the eBay Seller a tPF member?
  4. OOPS...I'm sorry for not knowing that we aren't allowed to post any auctions, thanks for the heads up. =) These aren't mine, the seller is leshent, I don't know if leshent is a member of tPF or not. According to many members of purse forums, leshent is one of the power sellers who sell authentic stuffs. I came across these items and wanted to post them since these prices are pretty good. Really didn't know that we aren't supposed to do that. Sorry...

    Where can I find the rules of yes/no to-do-things on tPF? Thanks in advance.

  5. it's fine to post auctions as long as they're not yours and they are rare bags or a really good deal, and i definately think those qualify as a good deal! leshent had a pomegranate venetia that went for $399 last week, i wish i had gotten it :sad:
  6. Oh my. What cute bags and great prices! How can she let them go for so low? Just makes me even more depressed at the fact that I still couldnt afford them if I wanted one, lol :shame:
  7. I remember someone here wanting to buy a White Sophia for less, here they are:

    from Leshent (BIN - $489, StartingBid - $399)
    Limited Edition, Beige Suede lining, with tags

    from Personalshoppers (StartingBid - $399)

    If anyone comes across an authentic White Blake (completely sold out), please let me know. =)