Black Velvet

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  1. This has had me wondering for quite sometime.Which skin looks the best in black?Not including Box or Chevre.Both which I find are fabulous!I would like my next bag to be black,I am looking for a rich black 35 Birkin with gold hardware.Sometimes I feel Togo to look slightly dry,So I am thinking about Fjord or Clemence?Any advice would be greatly appreciated:love:
  2. I have a black swift 30 cm and I love the velvety smooth texture. Togo (if small grained) is ok but I am not a fan of clemence in black (tends to look "wrinkly")
  3. i love grained leathers for birkins, so my vote would be clemence. i love how clemence picks up the dye and is INK black (darker than togo). i love black with gold hardware on kellies but for birkins which i feel are more casual, i love how modern and fresh palladium looks against black. only drawback to clemence would be slouchiness but i think slouchy looks pretty cool too! i always enjoy seeing victoria beckham's 35 black clemence with gold hardware in the 'stars' thread.
  4. Toonie - have you looked at Evergrain? A couple of memebers have Birkins in this and it seems to take the black quite nicely.
    For me (excluding the leathers you mentioned) I'd say Clemence but I have never seen Black Fjord IRL.
  5. What about Vache Ligee?
  6. Swift, Togo and Chamonix.
  7. I am one of the ones with a black Evergrain Birkin and it's gorrrrrgeous!
    It has a silky look to it, and it's a nice rich black, though not pitch black. If you want super-saturated color I would vote for Fjord which is blacker than most other leathers in my opinion.
  8. toonie, you've excluded the 2 (non-exotic) leathers that I like the most in black. So I don't know how else to answer.
  9. Toonie, this is a super thread. I have gone through this myself over and over and I wish I could make this decision. For some reason deciding on black is very tough.
  10. Here's my 30cm in swift... love the feel of the leather. I turned down black chevre because IMO, it looked "plasticky"...

  11. i do think chevre in large sizes can look "plasticky".......... swift is the most velvety and dressy black outside of the chevre or box choices. Evergrain is a more sporty black IMO.
  12. For comparison, here is a photo of my 35 in Evergrain.

  13. Is swift or evergrain heavier than togo?
  14. I don't feel any difference in weight between my swift and togo birkins
  15. Evergrain is definitely lighter weight than older Togo. Newer Togo seems to be not quite as thick, so it's comparable in weight to Evergrain.
    I don't know about Swift as I actually don't own anything in Swift. Yet.