Black Velvet Bermuda Shorts - What to wear them with?

  1. OK, so I was shopping Target for layering T's, when I saw the cutest black velvet bermuda shorts. I bought them, and now I am left wondering...

    how do I carry this look off in the winter? What do I wear on top, and especially, what do I wear on my feet?

  2. I have seen people wearing stilletoes(sp?) with these and it is a very cute look, IMO. Also, maybe a white button down shirt with a vest?
  3. A tux jacket (wool or velvet), some sort of sheer blouse (either tuxedo shirt, a button down, or something more feminine), red stilettos and a clutch.
  4. 2 ways to go: super glam or urban chic.

    super glam: a loud fussy(by fussy, i mean with ruffles) tux shirt (ysl and vince do great ones) or a clean cut, shirt (a la victoria beckham). take it in white or black. wear with dark/black stockings and leopard stilletos/christian louboutin pumps. carry on a classy bag and a long knee length coat.

    urban chic: throw on a tee in white/vintage tee with rock n roll prints on it. team with heels (no less than stilletos as heels make your calves seem longer and more toned...anything shorter, you'll look like you've got tree trunks for calves.). team it with a leather bomber jacket and you've just turned into kate moss.
  5. ^ I'm loving that urban chic idea.
  6. and please don't wear a velvet dont want to risk looking like a velvet rug.
  7. I love the R&R tee idea. Also love the leopard pumps. And I agree, no velvet jacket. Thanks!

  8. exactly!!! :P
  9. :yes:

    The "super glam" is something I would totally wear to work! Only I'd skip the ruffled YSL shirt for a well cut white shirt (I simply can't stand the huge bow on the front! :sad:) , pair with black tights and heels. Throw on a newsboy cap/ beret for sass, and finish the look with my Black Bbag Work :graucho:
  10. Cute! Where do you work, if you don't mind me asking.... Doesn't sound corporate....

  11. I was at Nordstrom last night when I saw a pair of Cole Haan tall black stretch velvet boots. They were adorable and sexy. Suppose they would be over the top for these shorts? I am wondering if the shorts need to be shorter to wear with tall boots.
  12. No, i wouldn't recommend wearing velvet boots with these velvet shorts. like i said, keep velvet to only 1, and only 1, piece. What do you mean by "Suppose they would be over the top for these shorts?"?
    If you're talking about mid calf boots like the chloe ones that victoria beckham wore during the world cup, then the shorts have to hit at mid-thigh. if you're talking about the balenciaga ones that vb wore with the stella mccartney jumper dress, then the shorts are fine.
  13. Am in PR for a fashion co, so yeah. We get cut some slack when it comes to dressing for work :shame: