Black Velo need advice

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  1. So I've gotten hold of a Black Velo. When I compare it to my black first it is a much softer black. The first is Jet black. Has anyone seen a Velo in black? Are they all the softer color? Thanks.
  2. My Black Velo is a dark black, but it is more matte, not shiny. Can you post of photo of your bag?
  3. here is a photo of mine

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  4. Here it is! I put it between my antracite and jet black bag and it almost looks like a dark gray or soft black.

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  5. it looks kind of purple on my screen!

  6. On mine too. And I'm sure it itsn't purple, so it must be the monitor settings. But that makes it very hard to comment. But it sounds like you know it isn't Anthra and that it is truly black. So it is a function of whether you don't like it because it isn't a really black, black. I have a few black bags. Most of them are really black. But I also have a 2008 black day that looks almost like plomb. I actually love it. I think it is up to you whehter or not you like the bag. Velos are hard to find so I'm guessing that it might not be so easy to exchange it for another.
  7. Yes it is definitely black. It's probably the bad lighting when I took the photo as it is night time here and the room has florescent lighting. It is darker than antra but not black black. DH says it looks lighter cause of the wrinkles but I think it is the saturation. I'm going to have to think about it. May even try to find one that is blacker. Need to think about this one. thanks!
  8. If you just wanted to buy a new black, Aloha Rag had black velos in-stock as of last night
  9. Thank you - I found one and it's on the way - Supposedly jet black:biggrin: