Black, Vamp, or silver nails? :)

  1. Thanks!
  2. well....i like black....
  3. Vamp!
  4. i do black or vamp. silver is out i think.
  5. Actually, a lot of designers had silver polish on the models for their spring shows - I think it is making a come back. But I also prefer vamp.
  6. Silver is my fave at the moment.
  7. Black is my fave :yes:
  8. Vamp! Alternatively, vampy with more emphasis on the dark than the rich and pearly white, not silver. I don't sound like a Chanel nail polish addict at all, do I?
  9. Vamp !!! because you can get so much variety depending on the layers of coating!
  10. I am quite liking silver at the minute
  11. Black Satin or Vamp for me... I did not really like Noir Ceramic or Blanc Ceramic.
  12. Vamp!
  13. Black!
  14. silver is so in. i'm wearing lippmann collection's nail color in stardust.

    it's gorgeous.
  15. Silver is going to be the "it" color this season.