Black v. Brown + Together?

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  1. I refuse to wear black and brown together - which makes carrying my new brown bag a bit difficult. I've exhausted the brownwear in my wardrobe and am sad that I don't have a black purse to switch to.

    Am I alone in this complex? And how do you guys make it easy to switch purses - do you reuse the same insides? I know some of you have matching wallets and makeup bags - do you switch out everytime you switch your purse? I don't think I could make that commitment, with my brown/black problem LOL!

    Brown and Black? Do you wear them together?
  2. I have the same issue! I have a black winter coat so I tend to aviod brown bags. I was at the outlet and saw a brown kira tote but I had to turn it down because it was to brown and I wouldn't use it enough.
    As for purse switching I have two wristlets and 1 wallet. I wish I could have matching stuff for all my bags but I change my purses quite often so matchy matchy is too much for me.
  3. I'm like that. Kinda looks off to me KWIM?
  4. I wear either my black Parker Hippie or my mahogany Garnet. I also have my navy Glam tote nearby. My mom never liked to see black and navy worn together! BTW, I switch out wallet and cosmetic bag every time.
  5. I think brown/black go together beautifully! I love that color combo.
  6. I too; love it together...I think it is beautiful, It breaks it up a bit if you KWIM, Not all blended together, kind of makes which ever stand out....I hope I made sense with
  7. I'm sorry ladies, but I have to laugh :lol:

    I don't match my bag to my wardrobe. Maybe it's because I wear sweats majority of the time but even if I did dress up all the time I don't think I would be like, OH NO! My brown bag does not go with my black boots, etc ... it cracks me up:roflmfao:

    Now, on the other hand, I do not like to use a black bag with brown accessories or vice versa. I also try and stick with the same hardware, maybe even more so than matching black bag w/ black accessories, etc.
  8. LOL! I'm so horrible like that.. brown boots and black purse.. egads!!
  9. i wear both together all the time
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    I have a dark brown winter coat that I regularly wear with a black purse, shoes, and gloves. Black and brown are both neutral colors that go well together but they are somber so I like to wear a couple of bright colored accessories with them - like a matching scarf and hat in a vibrant jewel color.
  11. yeah i am the same, i dont match my bags to my clothes, i carry the bag that makes me happy :smile:
  12. I also wear brown and black together.
  13. I wear brown and black together a good bit ... I have to dress up for work so I have a number of black pants and skirts, but I don't really like black and I own no black bags ... I have lots of brown bags that I wear all the time, I only rotate bags every few weeks and I just take whatever bag is in rotation at the moment whether it matches what I'm wearing or not. IMHO black and brown are so neutral and versatile that they actually work okay together.
  14. I wear a lot of blacks and most of my bags are brown. I think both colours go well with anything. So I think they should look ok together. I'm an idiot when it comes to colour matching though.
  15. black and brown is really in right now!
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