Black Trendy cc interior leather color changed???

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  1. I saw a black trendy cc in the boutique (code 27xxxxx) and recall that the interior color is black. I'm 100% sure that it used to be the classic burgundy in previous seasons. Can someone confirm that the interior color is now black? I hope they're not selling a fake bag in the store... For some reason, I feel the need to confirm with this group before I go ahead and purchase.
    Thanks all.
  2. Hi there. Yes, the newer versions have a black interior. I had the original one and the interior was burgundy. I sold it, then regretted it so bought it again. When I saw the black lining on my new one I asked my SA. She told me it isn't a classic flap so they changed the lining to black. Hope this helps!
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  3. I quite prefer the burgundy ... Should have bought it earlier.
    But glas to hear that you regretted selling it. What do you like most about it?
  4. The burgundy was beautiful but the black is very sleek looking. I almost prefer it. I love the functionality of the bag (top handle, shoulder, cross body options) and all the space inside. I also love the gold chanel name plate across the top! It's very masculine and 90s. It's a very unique looking bag, and very luxurious ( the leather is so soft!).

    It's pricey so you have to love it. I am not a fan of the coco handle, which is a similar look but less expensive.

    Good luck!!
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