Black Trench vs. Tan Trench

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  1. Love both colors. I have enjoyed wearing both tan and black over the years. I think the black is more flattering ,maybe because it is sleek and has a little stretch in the fabric.
  2. My co-worker said the same about the black color :smile: I just love how the classic tan trench looks...but most likely will get the tan. Thanks for your reply.
  3. hands down- the tan one.
    w/the tan one- you get to see the details. w/the black one, not so much.
    plus it doesn't get more classic than a tan trench!
  4. I'm confused about the colour you asy 'tan' the caption says 'Color: Khaki'

    classically that colour is called beige and sometimes stone

    'Tan' is a classic colour (the natural colour of tanned leather) - but I do not see a tan mac anywhere
  5. It depends on your colouring too. I'm really pale, and I find that tan just washes me out.
  6. If you can afford it, get both. I have both black and beige trench coats. It really depends on the climate/season & what I'm wearing underneath.

    However, I think you can't go wrong with the beige one. BTW, it a great style.

  7. Megan : I am tan / olive? I wear nc40 in MAC and have black hair, not sure if that helps? Thanks for the pointer though!
  8. Agree.
  9. I have a black trench coat and although I love wearing it I am on the hunt for a tan trench coat as I think that would be more versatile. I feel that tan would work with more colors and the black trench could be a bit dark for spring.
  10. I personally wear black more than tan even though the tan is more of a "classic" look. I have a tan trenchcoat I've never worn.

    As a side note, how do you keep your trenchcoats from wrinkling? I also have a navy trench from Banana Republic, I've worn it 3 times, it's SO wrinkled :sad:
  11. Thank you all so much for your help! I think I will end up getting both. I love the way a trench seems to pull together looks however I'm still unable to decide :nogood:
  12. Haha you should be fine-I'm *really* pale (I always wear the lightest shade in makeup).
  13. I wear a lot of white, black, and some color, but my khaki trench from Gap Outlet suits it all! I like how refreshing it looks with my outfits, because all my other coats are black ;)
  14. i prefer black, i just find tan looks bad on me