Black Tote - which one?

  1. I want a black tote to carry to/from work. Which one?
    coach tote.jpg ergo.jpg
  2. Ergo, I love the turnlock detail.
  3. I agree - ERGO!!
  4. Ergo!
  5. I like the first one better.
  6. Ergo!!
  7. Ergo!! Its beautiful!
  8. ergo
  9. Ergo!
  10. I like the first one for work purposes, probably will fit alot more than the ergo.
  11. I personally like the first one better for work.
  12. first one
  13. Ergo here!
  14. I have the first one in black (with white stitching) I got it at the outlet for around $140. (They always seem to have them - last time they had a bunch in red)

    It's perfect for work. If you have access to an outlet I'd suggest checking there first.
  15. first one