Black tote: Chanel Paris-Biarritz or Longchamp Rodeo?

  1. Deciding on a practical black tote which i can throw around...The Chanel Paris Biarritz looks really practical and the fact that it is not leather probably makes it lighter to carry and water-resistant. The Longchamp is leather (it comes in black leather, not suede, with silver zips as well) and it is really soft and light ... can't really decide... price-wise, i suppose the longchamp is more value for money since it is leather whilst the chanel is canvas and coated canvas and cost more. Please help... which design do you prefer?

    there are picts from Jayne1's thread if you want to have a closer look at the chanel...

    thanks :smile:
    DynamicImage_803_Products_ImageZoom_jpg.jpg chanel-1dec.jpg
  2. Oh, I love the Longchamp! Is it suede and what colors does it come in? How much $$$?:smile:
  3. I have to say that I prefer this longchamp bag over that chanel one.
  4. def. this :

    i :heart: bigger bags :p
  5. Chanel all the way!
  6. I don't know how I could resist a chanel, but that Longchamp is beautiful. I would say the Longchamp. I really like that color.
  7. oh chanel. oh god THAT Chanel!
  8. Chanel! :drool:
  9. Longchamp is not in the same league as Chanel. I would only go for that if you need the color. Otherwise, no contest, Chanel.
  10. the longchamp one comes in black, white, silver leather (have a look at their website for spring colors) it cost £345 here in london

    i think that's the problem i am having... who can resist a chanel???? both are equally practical i think... and both comes in black... longchamp is definitely cheaper and is leather whilst chanel is canvas...
  11. Deff Chanel!!! Im always afraid of ruining suede bags!
  12. oh, the one that i am considering for longchamp is not suede, it's black calf leather :smile:
  13. The Chanel is HOT!! :yes:
  14. I always would prefer Chanel but Longchamp looked really nice. It was hard to see the details on Chanel, so it is hard for me to give you my opinion.
  15. I am partial here, so I am going for the Chanel. Actually, I love the Paris-Biarritz.