black tokidoki button down

  1. ummm, okay, no I haven't seen oh man...too much stuff coming out. I can't get everything!! My BF wants to go to LA this weekend!! :sweatdrop: What will I do when I get to JapanLA...I'm gonna want EVERYTHING Jamie's got!! :drool: I'd check w/her on this shirt before I bought it from the evil eBay!! I'm sure it'll start popping up everywhere now!!
  2. yeah i saw that too....looks pretty cute .. :biggrin:
  3. So Jen, you bought this is white and didn't really love it right? Sometimes things look better in a different color though and I really dig this! Do you think that if I got an XL that it would fit me?
    I'm sure that JapanLA will get them. I wouldn't buy it off of e-bay plus a medium wouldn't fit me anyway!
  4. okay- i just wanna say I LOVE THIS! But do you think that it is as thin as the other one? (the white one?)
  5. It probably is but I don't mind it as much in black. It would be really cute with a red or pink or black (if you're boring :smile: )skinny little tank top under it.
  6. So has anyone seen this anywhere yet? I need it!
  7. I'm sure this shirt is soooo much better in black b/c you probably can't see through it. The see through factor was a big issue for me b/c you could see the shirt underneath and it just looked sloppy on me. Even if it's thin, I'm sure it's still awesome. When I originally got the white one I thought I'd :heart: :heart: :heart: it if it was black!! Black just looks better most times. Robotkitten I'm sure an XL would fit you. Def. don't get it on eBay wait and check w/Jamie. I just don't like the patches on this one as much as I like the patches on the white one...they were cuter this one is MEAN..:graucho:
  8. I like mean :graucho:
    :angel: I'm secretly evil :death:
  9. I dunno, it's gotta fit my girlie globes :nuts:
  10. LOL..then this one is right up your alley!!! You are right...YOU :heart: inferno!!!
  11. woo hoo :yahoo: I'm getting one :yahoo:
  12. robo- im buying your bag today! YAY!
  13. :yahoo: double woo hoo:yahoo: :yahoo:
    Are you going to text me a picture :graucho: maybe?
  14. Did you order the shirt?? :graucho: What's the damage??? :graucho: