Black Togo?

  1. I'm gearing up for a new Birkin, and I'm wondering what you think about Togo in black. I know that black is a boring color -- the Birkin I have right now is Blue Jean -- but I'm thinking it's a good idea to have a basic black bag for everyday. Or should I get another color?

    Suggestions? Either way, it'll be a 35cm. Oh yeah, and should I stick with palladium hardware or go for the gold?
  2. Black and Gold are Hermes basic colors. Most people will go either Black or Gold for an everyday bag. Of course, Black color will be more resistance to dirts than Gold, i.e. no worries on darkening on handles, etc.

    Black and GH is more to conservative look. Black and PH is more to modern look. So, it is up to your preference.

    Personally, I prefer PH for my bags.
  3. I have a black & gold togo birkin. It is my workhorse bag & frequent travel bag and still looks fabulous.
  4. I too have a black togo Birkin and LOVE IT! Wish I'd gotten gold hardware although all my jewelry is platinum, I just love the look of the gold hardware on black Togo. Dressy versus casual togo. I highly recommend a black Birkin since it is at least a LITTLE under the radar, versus other colors that pop more. LOL!
  5. I don't think black is boring. It is very useful for most of the outfits. I think black togo birkin 35 is a must for everyday bag. I don't have it but I still have to look at it everytime when I see one. :tup:
  6. Black Birkin is classic! I'm hoping to get one in 30 togo next year.
  7. The gold is sounding tempting now. I can sort of see what you all mean by the GH over the PH. My Blue Jean has PH, and it looks really good, but I might go for something new.

    Still pondering... I want to make a decision by the end of the week, I hope! Thanks for the suggestions so far. Anyone else with good ideas?

    Oh, and do all Togos come with white stitching? I was thinking black on black might look nicer. Is that possible?
  8. i love black togo with either gold or palladium. palladium seems to provide a nice sharp and modern contrast whereas gold is classy and sophisticated. either way! i still haven't decided myself about hardware. for black kellies, i definitely prefer gold hardware.
  9. black GH I say very classy!
  10. Black togo with GH, yummy!!
  11. black togo gh is really yummy somehow when it comes to black birkins size 35 and up in standard leathers i only like them with gold hardware with palladium they seem too businessbag/masculine like. gold gives them a female egde kwim?. in exotics(or normal leather 30) palladium is fine on the other hand - weird
  12. I love black togo. Have a 32 Kelly and it is beautiful. Black togo reminds me of black velvel.
  13. Royal, black is a good basic color. :smile: and I'm a white metal kind of girl. I don't like gold hardware, jewelry, etc.
  14. I have a black 35 togo with PH. my jewelry are all white gold/platinum, so that's why i chose PH. I would say PH is a modern take on the classic gold HW. Even my Chanels have Silver hardware, not gold

    IMO, i guess choosing which hardware depends on what colour jewelry you have

    Also, like everyone has said, Black or gold coloured birkins are staple colours, so either one will be a great colour choice
  15. I think almost all of us end up with a black birkin. I have a 35 in Togo with Gold hardware. Its Classic timeless and just works with everything. It will end up being your everyday bag. I highly recommend.