Black Togo Birkin Hardware Combo

  1. Hey guys, it's a great forum we have here and I am glad I've found it.
    Just wondering... for a 40cm black Togo Birkin, would you go for gold or palladium hardware (for a man and for a woman) ?

  2. For a woman...GH or PH... For a man...PH...
  3. ^ ditto
  4. i agree. I love my black togo with GH but I think for a man I would prefer PH, that said, for unisex I would go for PH.
  5. ph for unisex

  6. ditto

  7. ditto!
  8. ^^ :yes:
  9. PH for black togo.
  10. RUTHENIUM!!!! :smile: :angel:
  11. ^^Forgot about Ruthenium, D!
  12. Here it is on Black Box in a HAC......might be just as nice on Togo!!!!
  13. I second this! I love this for a man (or woman). I like gold for a woman.
  14. I have a 30cm black togo Birkin with palladium and I think it looks very cool. My black togo Kelly has gold. Whatever strikes you fancy. I actually think ruthenium looks better on a leather with a little gloss and that togo is too dull. I could be wrong...
  15. And you know what, GK???? I think you're absolutley RIGHT about that 'cause Ruth looks so nice on Box calf. When I put my ruthenium lock against my Togo it didn't do much for me......dullsville.....