Black Timeless Flap (Neimans online)

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  1. I was checking the NM catalog codes thread in search for a new bag :coolio: and discovered this one for a timeless flap (m/l?) still works. I'm not looking for this particular bag so I did not verify by purchasing it but I was able to add it to my bag and it indicated it was in stock. HTH.

    Neiman Marcus Catalog Code: F1108

    39B Shoulder Bag $2,695

  2. wow...thanks!
  3. I ordered it and it was cancelled. Said unable to fill.
  4. Lovely bag! thanks for the info ;)
  5. Sorry M4L. I was hopeful.
  6. They also have the Grey PST available on the website.
  7. Oh no worries! It would have been a bonus if available but nothing lost since not. Thank you for posting!
  8. I only see one in BLACK and it says IN STOCK...worth a try if you want one
  9. It cancels the order after you place it. This is a good idea for a thread though. If anyone has any old chanel codes we should try them and post if they work.
  10. It just let me purchase CC ballet flats online.... I got a confirmation email... let's see if it gets cancelled!
  11. Nice!! I tried 3 bags all got canceled!
  12. Aww thats too bad!!!! Did you get a cancellation email right away, and no confirmation email? Just wondering, because I think the shoes went through.... !
  13. No, I got the cancellation right away you should be good! Congrats!!
  14. Do you mind telling me how to find the Chanel on NM website? I tried to put the catalog code and Chanel in the search field but nothing came up. TIA