Black Timeless Classic Clutch in Lambskin or Caviar-which should I keep??

  1. After months of searching for this clutch I have managed to find two!

    NM in Michigan has sent me the Black Caviar Timeless Classic Clutch as well as the black lambskin. I obviously cannot justify keeping both (in the same color) so please help me decide which one to keep?

    Anyone have both kinds? Which do you use more often? Any other pros/cons or advice would be very helpful.

    Thanks!! :yes:
  2. pics?
  3. definitely lambskin if you handle handbags careful, if you want more of worry free piece, go w/caviar. a pix will definitely help :smile:
  4. For a clutch...Lambskin
  5. Because it's a clutch that you're going to have to put your hands all over just to hold it, I'd go with the caviar... :yes:
  6. hmm, if i could have two clutches, i would go with black lambskin, and white caviar!!! it totally depends on what your use of hte clutch would be for, if it is more of a casual bag then caviar, but if it is for evening events, the lambskin would be more appropriate.
  7. I have the black caviar, and I love how care-free it is. The lambskin is beautiful, but you'll have to be a little more careful with it.
  8. Ditto. Black lambskin.
  9. I love how soft and supple the lambskin is. I have that one and get loads of compliments since the leather just stands out. I'd go with the lamb skin.
  10. I like evychew's idea! But if your only going to keep one, keep the lambskin. You handle clutches much kinder than a handbag. Plus the feel of that soft leather.....
  11. I'm into low maintenace. I vote caviar.
  12. Lambskin. A clutch is a bit dressier.
  13. i'm looking for the clutch in black caviar so i say you give that one up.
    jk!! as some of the other gals mentioned, lambskin tends to be dressier. i think it depends on how much you worry about scratches etc.
  14. lambskin, delicate and perfect for evening. ;)
  15. If you're careful, I would go with the lambskin for the clutch. The caviar is definitely more worry free. I think the lambskin appears more dressy.