Black Tie

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  1. I need help finding a black tie event dress, preferably with some sort of sleeve. I'm in my early 20s so something relatively young but somewhat conservative. Ideally the dress is less than $300 and not made out of jersey or super tight. Thanks!
  2. Have you tried BCBG or Laundry? You can find either brand at Saks or on Zappos. They're affordable and often on sale. Good luck!
  3. I tried bcbg and didn't find anything with some sort of sleeve, I'll check Laundry. Thanks!
  4. Jessica McClintock have some good price dress for young 20s.

    If you have a strong well, check off5th or last call.... I always end up buying more than I should :P
  5. I like the Adrianna and Marchesa, would a sequin dress be to flashy for a fundraiser though?

    Thanks for the links, off 5th and last call are a little bit far from my house. I did try Tjmaxx and didn't find anything.
  6. Check out Gilt and Rue; they often have gorgeous dresses at a steal.