Black?? The preferred color of the moment??

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  1. I have been watching the Bbag threads as usual, but have found that so many of us are really loving the black at the moment:love: . Am I the only one seeing this or are you really loving black alot right now too?:graucho:
  2. :yes: it's just that a black b bag looks fab all the time. goes with most anything. just can't go wrong with that choice!
  3. I noticed it too. Black is classic and looks great with pretty much everything. From seeing those threads, getting a black b-bag has crossed my mind but I have to remember I have a black Gucci. I must resist....for now
  4. I live in NYC and wear tons of black, so black is good for me--I have both the purse and work in black and a ton of other black handbags, BUT what I really like about Balenciaga are the colors--so this is the one brand where I have A LOT of colors as well.
  5. :yes: Yep. Me as well, but out of all my great colors, black seems to be the only one I use:roflmfao:
  6. I am all about black bags! They are the ones I always end up using the most, they never go out of style, and they look great even if they get beat up!
  7. I noticed it too, ranskimmie! It's driving me insane now- do I want a black city??? heheh I can't figure myself out anymore. One moment, I'm dying for a blueberry city, the next it's a white first. Now I want a black city. I hate that I keep changing my mind because it just means I have to wait longer for my next bbag!!!
  8. Hey kattiepie I say just from experience, my black city works the best for me:yes: :heart:
  9. I think it's because once you start looking at all the cool pictures with nice smooth leather, you just can't resist!!! :P

    I didn't want black bag at first and went round and round and round for different color. Can't believe that I might decide to get black instead! :shrugs:

    I notice though that not many have the First. I would love to see the First in black.... :yes:
  10. I don't have any b-bags, but I like black the most.
  11. i'll ALWAYS love black!
  12. i'm so excited! :wlae: just bought my first black bbag... and it's a weekender!
  13. I think a black in at least one of the Bbag styles is a 'must have' for a Bbag collector. After trying a few different styles and checking out the leather on several, I finally ended up very happy with a classic black 'Classique'.
  14. Wow, congrat! Finally you bought the weekender. :love: I'm waiting for my Ink Weekender as well!!! :girlsigh:
  15. I guess because fall is rolling around and there are a few newbies to bbags people are thinking about black. Black was my first bbag, but I'm all about colors now. I have enough black bags.