Black The First Fall-Winter 2006 leather?

  1. I've ordered one from Aloha Rag. This will be my first B-Bag! So excited! :yahoo:
    Can anyone tell me what the leather is like and how it compares with the older leather?


    Em :flowers:
  2. congratulations on your 1st b-bag girl, you've chosen well :wlae:...the new black fall '06 leather b-bags are made from a heavier leather than the s/s '06 b-bags :yes:...i've checked them out, side by side, one in each hand & even my SA can attest to it...most girls like the new thicker leather, so you should be very happy :tender:
  3. I have a new Black Fall '06 First (and Fall '06 Black City). I waited until Fall for the black in those styles after I heard the leather was going to change a bit, because I wanted my classic Black Bbags to be a bit thicker. And having seen the SS '06 Black IRL and now having the Fall '06 blacks, I agree that the leather is definitely different now (thicker but still soft & smooshy). If that is what you wanted then yep, you will be pleased. Congrats on your first Bbag... please be sure to post pics once you recieve! :smile: (.... and I love your puppy!)
  4. I'm in Oz too so a big HI to ya, emmakins!! Congrats!!! You will love your Bbag and it will kickstart your addiction;)
  5. Phew! Thanks girls! I definatly want the smooshier leather!

    My first Bal buying experience was a drama-was sold a fake as a real one. Thankfully I got a refund but it was'nt easy. (Will post about this later.)

    AR will do a security check on my credit card which takes a week, and then it will be another week for it to be delivered to me. But when it comes, I'll post pics in all it's glory! :tender:


    PS-Unfortunatly, the puppy in my avatar is not mine!
  6. Congrats, emma! Great choice for your first Bbag!! Can't wait to see your pics!! :nuts:
  7. Yay Emma! I'm so glad you found a bag that you like. I think that was a great decision for your first Bbag too! Can't wait to see pictures :smile:
  8. Does AR have the list of new bags yet? Whenever I go on their website, they still have the spring 06 inventory listed only.
  9. When I spoke to them this morning, they said they had Emerald, Black and White. The new colours will be available at the end of August.
  10. 0o0o0o0o new bag!!!
  11. yay, congrats on your first b-bag!
  12. I bought my First ten days ago and I just love it!! :yahoo: :heart:
    Some pics
    balenciaga first 004.jpg balenciaga first 005.jpg
  13. OMG-it's simply stunning! I hope my bag will look exactly like yours!:girlsigh: