Black Tattoo Tote: Too Trendy? Too Summery?

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  1. I do not own one black bag Lately I have been very drawn to the black tattoo tote. But I'm not sure if the fabric is too "summery" or if the tattoo design is too trendy. I don't really care for Ed Hardy and all the hideous knockoff stuff floating around out there. But I just love this bag! It seems cute, durable, easy to get into, holds alot, and the chain handles make it look classy. I was also looking at some of the Poppy patent black bags, but I've heard alot of bad stuff about the quality of the patent leather. So ladies, what's your opinion??? Will this look just ridiculously dated soon? And is the fabric a summer fabric?
  2. I personally think that the tattoo stuff looks super trendy, and will soon be "so last year" KWIM? I think it's pretty young and a way for them to easy into poppy, which seems juvenile to me, no offense to all you poppy-lovers, just my opinion. For a black bag, I'd go with something classic and timeless that will last you a long time.
  3. If you still like the design, just go for a wristlet so you can have the pattern, but it's not LOUD all over your bag and you can move the wristlet between bags :smile:
  4. I was at my FP store today. Yes i bought something too. Imagine that. LOL. Anyway, i spotted the tattoo tote in white w/ gold. I kind of liked it. That surprised me a bit. Fits on shoulder perfect too. Another surprise.
  5. I think the tote is seasonal. But the black one is nice.
  6. I have the fold clutch and i just love it.. The first time I wore it as for my DD pre-K Grad and I was dressed up, it looked great.

    I really love th collection...
  7. I own the exact bag your inquiring about...I'm 32 years old and I LOVE it!!!

    I do agree that some may think that it will be "dated" in a seson or two, but it's my style in general and I don't follow trends. In all reality the tattoo part is not that large and does not JUMP OUT at you they way you'd think it would! It's the one Coach bag I've recv'd the most compliments on!!!

    I also carry this bag almost daily and have not babied her, she's wearing like iron and the chain handles do add a touch of class to it. I think that it was just what the tote needed to keep it from being just another "trendy" bag!!!

    I'll post picks of mine. I also bought the black even though I liked the natural/gold better so that I could carry it into fall & winter!!! It does hold alot and I love that I have the option of zipping it up for security, but it also looks good left open if your not somewhere that you'd have to worry about something getting snagged from you purse!

    I actually carried it for a month straight (my record) and just switched back into it for my Cancun trip!!!

    I do also know though that there were fewer of the black made and if I'm not mistaken they are sold out on

    Here's pic's of mine!!!

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  8. Oh wow! Thank you for posting pics! I'm the same age as you, so that was another thing I was wondering about. I don't think it looks too young for us at all!!! I just really love the style! I may have to get it, we will see!
  9. The price of the bag is rather steep for something that most likely will be dated next year. If this bag were around the $200 range....mmmaybe. And the fabric to me seems summer-y. I am suprised the bag is priced so high as Coach used to have some less expensive summer totes (think Hamptons canvas totes). If you really love it and have the funds, by all means go for it. But if this would be a stretch or you still have reservations, I would do what Bunny suggests and get the wristlet or an accessory in this design.

    FWIW, I also loved the Isabella Fiore Tatoo Bags they had out a couple of years ago. I came thisclose to paying around $500 for this design in a brown leather shoulder bag and now I am glad I didn't.

  10. I want to get the wristlet if they make it to the outlets.
  11. Mee too, and I"ll take my FP one back for the discount!
  12. Nice Bunny!

    oh and I am 36 and relatively conservative, but I do like that tattoo pattern and won't blink twice on taking it to church on Sunday.

    :borg: resistance is futile. ( Don't you LOVE my borg smiley?)
  13. I don't think that this print/bag requires a certain age class, but I do think that it will be dated within a season or two. If you don't mind wearing bags when they aren't in style, then I say go for it. In the end, it's got to be something that you're willing to carry.
  14. I don't think the material is too summery, but it is certainly casual. I do worry that the design is more trendy than timeless; I think it might be cool through next summer, but I wouldn't count on it being as popular long after that.. but even if something goes out, you can still love it!
  15. ITA^^^ This is what I was getting at, if you are buying the bag because YOU really LOVE it, then who's to say what's "in style" for YOU. Personally I'd been waiting for Coach to come out w/ something that has a bit of an edge to it!!! I think they almost got there w/ the nylon Madison totes w/ the prints of girls on them and finally hit PAYDIRT w/ this tattoo line. I also believe that they were waiting until they had the younger customer base they thought they would need to support this line!

    I did pay FP for this bag BUT I did have about $150 in merch credit from a bag that could not be repaired. I would have bought it either way. I think that actually the tattoo design was kept JUST minimal enough to keep the bag from having a dated look too soon. I also don't at all view the fabric of the black as a spring/summer fabric only. I debated getting the black because I was afraid it wouldn't "fly" for spring/summer use.

    I do think that there is a chnace that the natural/gold one's MAY make it to the outlets in some quantity, and if/when they do in all reality I'll plan on buying myself a second.

    Let us know what you decide!!! Good Luck making the decision!!!