Black Tahitian Pearls - Good places to buy?

  1. Hi ladies, so the more and more that I look at them, the more I've decided that I want a black tahitian pearl solitare. I was wondering if anyone has any good places to recommend looking for some - I've browsed bluenile, pearlparadise, and mauidivers online to get some ideas, but since I don't know much about them I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions.

    Thank you! :flowers:
  2. Try They have gorgeous tahitian and south sea pearls.
  3. thanks for the tip!
  4. let us know how your search goes!:graucho:
  5. I've bought from American Pearl and they are fabulous to deal with, plus, they have great pearls at great prices. They have a website, and also, you can go into the office on 5th Ave. Google American Pearl and you'll get the site.
  6. Since your in the bay area, maybe try Shreves in Downtown SF?