Black Suhali Lockit GM

  1. I'm getting a new black Suhali Lockit GM once it arrives in to LV SCP from special order! So excited!

    Does anyone have this handbag? Would like to hear from you!
  2. How is this special order ?
    Sorry I thought this is stock item, is just perhaps being transfered as your store doesnt have it?

    Dont have the bag, but saw the PM in black last weekend 2DF!!!!
  3. I have the MM, I got it for Christmas, I love it :smile:
  4. ^^ have we seen you model this bag and have you posted pic's in the whats in your bag thread ?
  5. I love the black suhali lockit.:heart:
  6. You mean a store transfer? The Suhali Lockit in GM is normal stock, I saw the white one and it's really gorgeous!
  7. Sometimes SA's say that don't have an item in stock but they will "order" it. Not too sure if that's the same as a transfer. And I have only heard this term with the shoes, if that makes any difference.

    Congrats on the Suhali Lockit, I love the Suhali line! Please post pics when you can.
  8. I'm such a NEWBIE! Sorry!

    According to my SA, their computer said they had 2 left in the store, but he couldn't find it, so he was ordering a "new" one complete with plastic on handles and everything. I really don't know what that process is called.

    Sorry for posting the wrong technical information but I definitely will post pics once it's arrived! It was beautiful when I tried it on in the store!
  9. No worries ;) Same good news, you are getting a gorgeous bag!
  10. Congrats! :yahoo: It's such a gorgeous bag!
  11. That is a gorgeous bag!! Can't wait to see your pictures!! Congratulations!!
  12. Congrats -- I love that bag:heart:
  13. Ooh can't wait to see it! When are you going in to pick it up? I'm going on the first, if you want to meet up.
  14. It's a lovely bag! Very spacious!
  15. Congratulations, really love that bag!