Black Stella with Silver Hardware...pushlocks

  1. Does anyone have this bag? What color is the lining?
  2. I think it depends....doesn't the lining match the stitching? I remember seeing black Stellas with a cream color cloth lining, and a striped one that was more rare (white with redish stripes). I have a wine (red) Stella with pink stitching so the interior is pink. I'm only familiar with the cloth interiors, but I think they came in suede too.
  3. Black's the hardest color to keep track of since it gets made every season. I believe there're many variations over the years (need year/season to really pinpoint the exact combination).
  4. Mine is with a beige cloth lining. :smile: I think the newer ones may have a beige suede lining now, not sure.
  5. Mine has a beige twill lining, too, Tami.
  6. mine has a light (darker than pale) yellow lining
  7. Mine has a pale yellow lining (almost a cream but also has a greenish touch to it) - the lining matches the contrast stitching.
  8. I bought one in 2004 that had an off-white/light beige twill lining.