Black Stams In Vegas!

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  1. I just bought my black stam from the Las Vegas Marc Jacobs store!!! I'm so excited :biggrin: . They are so nice there! The girl said they have a few left. I think it is probably the most beautiful bag I've seen in a long time! If you ship it they don't charge you tax and they didn't charge me shipping either. The girl who helped me said she wasn't charging shipping on any of the Stams! I can't remember the girl's name I think it was Kate or something. The phone number on the receipt is (702) 369-2007. Hooray I can't believe I finally got it!
  2. That is good to know, thanks.
  3. Why are the manager saying that they never gave free shipping?? I'm confused!!! Why are they lying to me??? Kate's really nice but I don't know about the others. Eveyone's saying different things..
  4. Is this the patent or matt leather?
  5. it's the matte leather :smile:
  6. yeah it is the matte. which i know was really hard to get!
  7. I think the shipping depends on whether or not you have an MJ in your state. I got charged tax because there is MJ in California.
  8. I love these bags.
  9. COngrats! I love this bag! did they have any other colors?
  10. I went in this morning and they just opened a box of stams in new colors. They got the bronze and camel in today. I guess they are new fall colors, they are really cute! The number is 702-369-2007
  11. I got my black stam today..
    I waited for so long for this one.. lol
    Anyways, the leather seems not as soft as spring collection but i love it. :smile:
  12. A bronze Stam could be very pretty!
  13. Thank you for the tip!!
  14. I purchased my Stam over the weekend and I'm waiting for the delivery...I'm in Toronto, Canada so it may take the whole week. Kay is amazing! They charged me shipping but much less than what they usually do and no tax, because we don't have a MJ store here in Toronto. I can't get to feel my bag! vbmenu_register("postmenu_177990", true);
  15. the bronze really is very very pretty!