Black Stams In Vegas, Again!

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  1. I thought I'd share that I just got a call from the Las Vegas store saying the have just received the black stams for fall. I would suggest you get yours now, before thay sell out for fall!!! Thats what happened during resort! Ask for Kay she's great!! (702) 369-2007. GOOD LUCK!
  2. Bloomingdales just got a new shipment in various colors.
  3. just a heads up make sure the bag you are buying is current season! Often times the "new" bags at department stores are returns or last season. Fall colors are black, ivory, cashew, mouse, and perhaps whiskey. But it should have a beige canvas interior.
  4. sorry not whiskey, chestnut. Also the the black for fall is like a smokey color, it is diffrent from the spring black.
  5. ilovehandbagslots, thanks for the news! i've just decided that i MUST have a black stam and am starting the hunt... thank god for free long distance on cell phones!!
  6. I was in Las Vegas this weekend and I saw a black Stam at Neiman Marcus. I bought the bronze Stam at Saks. The SA said they had just got it back in after being sold out for awhile.