Black Stamped Disappointment

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  1. A few weeks ago, Crazy4Handbags posted in the deals thread about a Black Stamped Nikki (with FDL lining!) at tobi. I was the lucky person who snagged it. The bag arrived about 2 weeks ago but since I wasn't at home, I was not able to open the box until a few days ago.

    And when I finally opened it, it turned out to be a regular Noir Nikki. Nice bag, but I wouldn't pay full price for it. And most important of all, it not a Black Stamped Nikki! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I wish that I had known about it earlier, or I would have seriously considered the Sage Stamp Nikki on ebay a few days ago.

    So, sorry ladies. I know some of you have been waiting for pictures of it - that's not going to happen now. And I'll have to continue to :drool: at MSG's stamped Nikkis photos.
  2. Aww *hugs*!! That is horrible!! Is tobi going to allow you to return it?
  3. Oh NO!! I understand the disappointment! I even asked them if they could check if it was stamped and they said YES. What the heck?
  4. Maybe they checked whether the hardware is stamped? The Nikki that I got came with the new stamped hardware.

    Prior to buying the bag, the lady that I was chatting to on their website actually said that she couldn't confirm whether it's the same bag because the warehouse was closed or something like that. But she did say that if it's the wrong bag, I could return it and get full refund and free return shipping.

    So no monetary loss on my side, just disappointment.:tdown:
  5. That sucks! They also had the pic of the stamped nikki. That is just so wrong. Well atleast their CS is good and they are paying for return shipping and a full refund.
  6. omg that sucks!
  7. I'm so sorry hun! I totally understand your dissapointment. I am going through something kind of similar at the moment.
    At least you didn't lose any money!!
  8. Thanks, ladies. So now I am on the hunt for a stamped leather RM. Let me know if anyone sees one! Why oh why don't they make those leather anymore?

    About tobi, I must say that their CS is pretty good. They also offered me 15% off my next purchase. I also love their online chat function. Only thing is that I wished that they had told me earlier that they are sending me a different bag (I get the impression that they knew that it's different) and I am kicking myself for not double checking with them after I bought the bag.
  9. Aw, that sucks! I am glad the CS is taking care of it for you though.
  10. Aw!
    I am so sorry this happened! (I know the feeling of disappointment of expecting something's arrival and then having it to be something totally different when you unwrap the packaging!)

    Hope you find a Stamped Nikki soon :smile: I think many of us are on the hunt for them, lol!
  11. Oh NO. What a major drag. I was so excited for you!

  12. OMG I was so excited for you and I have been waiting to see your post, this was not hte post I was expecting how on earth did they foul that up?!? I am so so sorry! :hugs:
  13. Man, what a disappointment. Sorry!
  14. Oh no, I'm so sorry! Hopefully another will turn up sometime. At least you're getting your money back.
  15. that's so awful! I'm sure one will turn up for you soon!:tup: