black stamped croc trapeze still available?

  1. is the stamped croc trapeze in black in any current (spring/summer) or future (fall 2012) collections? or is it gone forever? i'm thinking about getting one but only if it is one of the new design Trapeze, I don't want to run into the problems some people had with the old design.
  2. I can't remember which collection, but I have seen it available in upcoming seasons.
  3. Hey :smile:
    Would you know which season it's coming out? I've been looking for that since 2-3 months ago :p
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  5. hi. Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking this, but what is the new design Trapeze that is coming?
  6. Yes should be available, my SA sent me pictures just a few days ago.. :smile:
  7. Oh you're a star! :biggrin:
  8. just saw the black stamped croc in L and grey stamped croc in S at Selfridges London earlier today ;)
  9. i saw both in HK dfs tsimshatsui store (2nd floor) yesterday (monday)
  10. I just got one few days ago.
  11. Wheeeere do you get a black croc embossed trapeze? In HK do you have to be on the waiting list for one? Or did you buy online?!
  12. It's gorg! I saw it at the Madison Ave shop in New York.. I was referred to the sales associate Dennis and I bought it a month ago.. Loves it! email him
  13. I saw also on at Barneys Las Vegas this week. Good luck! :smile: