Black Stam or Whiskey Edith??

Frances Bean

Nov 13, 2006
oh, the black stam absolutely.

But I think I've made my decision on the edith. I think it's more practical and sophisticated. I'll be graduating this spring and working in Manhattan full time this summer and I can see myself using it a hell of a lot more.

Thanks for all your input ladies!!
Nov 14, 2006
Edith is already considered a classic by many.

As for Stam, I am told by some stores (including MJ boutiques) that Fall 06 Stams didn't sell well (definitely not hot like previous seasons); sales were slow, Mouse did good though. They aren't sure whether this has to do with people having Stams already.
Then they should make the price 50% off:graucho:
I will definitely buy it.