Black Stam or Whiskey Edith??

Frances Bean

Nov 13, 2006
Hey girls. So as some of you may know, I had gotten the black stam and returned it. Ever since, I've really missed it and have fallen more in love with it. (absence makes the heart grow fonder). HOWEVER, I also really love the whiskey edith. I can see myself wearing it in the spring and summer with anything whereas I can only see myself wearing the stam in the summer with a white tank and jeans.

For any of you with the black stam how do you (or do you at all?) incorporate your black stam into your spring/summer wardrope? Or do you think it's strictly a fall/winter bag?

Or should I forget the stam and go for the Edith?

Opionions, comments would be greatly appreciated!! :heart:


Mar 1, 2006
Edith is already considered a classic by many.

As for Stam, I am told by some stores (including MJ boutiques) that Fall 06 Stams didn't sell well (definitely not hot like previous seasons); sales were slow, Mouse did good though. They aren't sure whether this has to do with people having Stams already.


Jul 24, 2006
Personally I think that the stam is a more versatile bag compared to the Edith. Stam can be dresses up and down and also you have the option to sling the chain on our shoulder if your hands are full. IMHO.

However, you should get the bag that you love more. First instinct, which bag gives you the in love feeling?

Good luck!


Oct 31, 2006
i think stam fall 06 did not do so well because of the change in lining and leather. it really changes the feel and look of the bag somewhat. and also the range of colours they came up with. as someone mentioned, how many neutral colours can one have. but i am biased for the stam. it is the only MJ bag i have ever set my eyes on so far...


Mar 7, 2006
I have both the stam and edith and love both. However my first stam was a black one and she and I just didn't seem to gel, I loved her style but something wasn't quite right. I managed to snag one in putty and fell deeply in love (!!!) and consequently returned my black stam. The colour made all the difference for me. Both show off different sides of my personality and style and I can see myself carrying them years from now. It sounds like the Edith will do that for you.


Apr 19, 2006
The stam seems to be the bag to get in other colors besides black. It fades in the background IMO. On the other hand the whikey Edith makes a statment. It is not your everydad run of the mill handbag. You can't go wrong with the Edith, especially the price.

Frances Bean

Nov 13, 2006
I don't really care if the stam sold well or not. I like black because it's more edgy and i think putty, white chiffon, etc give the stam more of a granny look (don't kill me lol). For THIS season it would look awesome with my skinny jeans, chuck taylors, and little hoodie. And it would equally awesome with demure sweaters and skirts. The stam gives me that more in love feeling.. but aaah I don't want it to hibernate in my closet during the summer. I'm still torn.

For the ladies who have the black stam, be it '05 or '06 how do you dress with it in the summer if you do at all???


Shopping's My Cardio
Aug 27, 2006
The stam gives me that more in love feeling.. but aaah I don't want it to hibernate in my closet during the summer. I'm still torn.

i honestly don't think a black stam has to 'hibernate' at all - i've actually never owned a really light-colored bag, so i carry my darker bags year-round. i think it works out just fine. if you wear a lot of neutrals, the black will always look classic, but it will also ground the really vivid colors of summer.

Yves St

Nov 15, 2006
As soon as I saw the stam I wanted one, but went off it just as fast. With the edith it has taken over a year to appreciate its beauty and now I really do. I think you'll find the edith a lot more versatile, as well as classy and comfortable. But, I always think that you deep down prefer one over the other and ultimately that is the one you should get.
Try this:-
It's christmas, you get handed a single box, what is in it?
black stam or whiskey edith?
There is your answer.

(Sorry, i use that technique a lot its the only way I can make decisions!:P)
Good luck with your choice :yes: