Black staining on my Coach patent leather wallet

  1. I noticed that my pink Coach Penelope patent leather slim wallet has a couple black stains on the back bottom half. I take GOOD CARE of my purses/wallets so I have absolutely no idea how it happened. The only idea that I think it could possibly be is I also carry a black leather camera case (by Coach)... Could they have rubbed against each other and caused it? They aren't pen marks and the shiny covering of the patent leather is still "shiny" over the black stains. I was wondering if anyone knew how to gid rid of the stains without damaging the wallet (obviously haha). I've tried mild soap and gently rubbing it off, but no luck. Do you think if I were to take it back to the store they would exchange it? It is my FAVORITE wallet so I really wish I could just clean it and keep it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Can you post a picture, maybe someone will be able to advise you if they can see what it looks like. You might also try going to a good cobbler because he must have had experience with cleaning patent leather. Good luck!
  3. HI,
    Was the black there before and you just didn't notice it? Are they large stains/marks?
    Reason I ask, is that I just bought a non Coach patent wallet and noticed like pen marks on it. (After I got it home and before using it.) I took it back to the store to see if they could get the marks out and they couldn't . The closer I looked at the wallet, I am thinking it was on the leather or happened during the Patent process. I kept the wallet because I liked it.
    I would see if you could return or exchange the wallet.
    Good Luck!!!
    Lynne :biggrin:
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    Sorry I didn't post a picture previously. But this is what I am talking about. I forgot to mention before that the front has "almost" the same issue. It looks like it's "bubbling". Is this maybe what happened to the back? Did it bubble first and then turn black? (sorry the picture quality isn't crytal clear... but the front bubbling I am talking about is on the second picture on the first top left C).
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    LuvsElvis- No, this wasn't on the wallet prior to purchasing it. It was all pink no black spots. :/
  6. At first glimpse it looks like a recycling triangle. It's almost as it it might of been placed on a damp plastic grocery bag. The print of a bag could of transferred onto ur wallet? I've had grocery bags/platic w/print, transfer on some things surprisingly.
    Just a possibility. U can try a q-tip with glass cleaner on it, or warm water(not too hot as this will dull the sheen). I have tried glass cleaner on my patent bag, didn't ruin the sheen, took the little dirt spots off.
    Good luck.
  7. miss_chiff- I wish the picture came out more clear. But its there's no transfer from anything :/, and yes I've already tried glass cleaner. I've tried almost everything under the sun and it doesn't budge. I'm just going to go to Coach tomorrow and see what they say. :/
  8. Sorry it didn't work. Frustrating. It's such a cute wallet, great pink.
    I hope coach will help. Or, someone on here may chime in.
    Good luck with it, keep us posted.
  9. I had bought some Christian Louboutin black patent leather pumps and the SA who happened to be the manager of the boutique said if they get scuffed or dull to polish them with a smooth rag dipped in milk. Weird, but she said that was the best thing. Maybe it will help with your situation.
  10. weaselwatchr- tried that too haha... and... NOTHING! :/
  11. patent is a urethane coating over top of leather. The urethane will absorb any dye or ink it comes in contact with friction.
  12. looks like it rubbed against something and got a scuff. pretty sure you can't get that out of patent. i'd stop putting glass cleaners and the like on it, or you'll dull the finish and possibly ruin it.
  13. I feel your pain. The same thing happened with my Pink wristlet in the same material as yours. I had it stored with a bunch of things. I took it out to use and it had the same thing on it. I guessed that it was from one of my black swingpacks or wallets. I haven't tried to clean it though.
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    We buy and sell lots of handbags and I can tell you from experience that this will not come out. I have tried everything (well, almost..I had not heard of milk before!) imaginable on "test" bags that I knew I couldn't sell anyway and those stains on patent just won't budge.
  15. Well update...

    I went to Coach today and they asked me if I had tried cleaning it yada yada...

    In the end, they offered to exchange it (for another item because the wallet isn't available anymore) or give me a full refund. I chose full refund.

    So glad I was able to get a full refund. But upset that I had to give up a cute wallet (haha).

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions on trying to clean the wallet. ;)